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Since they were first a thing, I've always loved computers and graphic art (yes, I'm that old.  Now is not the time to do math).   I have a self-admitted font addiction and I love creating something out of nothing. 

Years ago, while out with some football moms of my son's team at school, the President of the Touchdown Club said how great it would be if we had banners of the players to hang on the fence on senior night.  I think I blurted out something like:

"Hey, I know Photoshop, I would love to help"....

The trouble was, I didn't really know Photoshop that well.... In retrospect, I should have said "I like looking at things that are photoshopped".  However, ultimately, here we are. 


After the success of the football banners, I was asked to create banners for cheer, wrestling and then baseball.  After the word had spread, schools from all over contacted me about doing their banners. From that day forward, there were birthdays, anniversaries, baby announcements, graduations, etc.  It was officially a thing and it was my thing.  I am forever grateful for the people who encouraged me and the projects that have challenged me.  Thank you! 

Thanks for visiting.  If you don't see what you need, please ask.  Chances are, if you can think of it,

I can create it.



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