Here's the Deal...

So you want to place and order but you're not sure what to do? 

Pull up a chair, you're in the right place!

Photos for your project should be emailed here.  The number of photos used depends on the size of the item, so please ask how many you should send.  Please send HIGH QUALITY PHOTOS.  The better quality photo, the better the banner.  High resolution is always recommended.  If you submit a low resolution photo, you will get a low resolution banner.

Be sure to include the recipient name and shipping address in your email.  PLEASE PUT YOUR LAST NAME IN THE SUBJECT LINE.

Please indicate what size item you're ordering.

If you're ordering a graduation banner, please include the following info in your email:

  • Graduate's name.

  • Name of school.

  • College choice (if applicable).

  • Any quote you may want to add (optional).

Payment:  We accept major credit cards, Venmo, Paypal. Credit cards are subject to a 3.5% fee.

Payment is required at the time the order is placed.




So you ordered a banner and now you need to hang it. We strongly recommend hooks from Command. They are durable and easily removable. Click here to order.  Be sure to check the weight capacity when selecting your hooks.

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 11.18.48

Banners include grommets (holes) which are placed at the top and bottom of a banner, with a few feet between each grommet.  This makes for easy hanging just about anywhere.  

If you are interested in carrying the banner in a parade or securing it in the ground, let us know and we will have pole pockets inserted.  Pole pockets are sleeves on each side OR top and bottom of the banner, allowing to insert a pole into the ground. Pole pockets are an additional $15-$20 depending on banner size.

girl scouts.jpg

Questions? Send us a message here